Psoriasis, Psoriatric Arthritis, and Biologics-Episode 22

Join Dr. Ramchandani of the Physiatry Podcast as he talks about Psorasis and Psoriatric Arthritis including treatments of Psoriasis and biologics.  New data has been released about COVID-19 treatments with a new biologic. Listen to the Physiatry podcast 22 Read More

The 27th Napa Pain Conference Online

Enjoy Complimentary Registration and CME August 15, 2020 Since its establishment in 1990 by Dr. Eric J. Grigsby, the Napa Pain Conference has set the bar for quality education, breaking research, and networking. This is your opportunity to connect with the leaders in pain management. With a world-class Program Committee, unrivaled keynote speakers, and dynamic presentations, […]

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The Physiatry Podcast 20- Rheumatoid Arthritis

The disease and the myths Listen to the Podcast Listen to a brief discussion on Rheumatoid Arthritis and the myths behind it.  Dr. Ramchandani discusses that this is a systemic disease and doesn’t just affect the joints as thought in popular culture. (Edit)

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The Physiatry Podcast Episode 13

Dr. Anish Shah Shares the Effects of COVID-19 on Pain, Anxiety, OCD, and Other Psychiatric Disorders. COVID-19 and how it has affected patient’s pain, anxiety, OCD and other psychiatric disorders, with Dr. Anish Shah.  Also, the medical myths behind research and how the research of drugs happen. Listen to the Podcast Read More