Stroke. Types, what to do, and call 9-1-1! Good news of the week!

September 21, 2020 LISTEN TO THE PHYSIATRY PODCAST WITH DR. RAMCHANDANI Dr. Ramchandani goes over the different types of stroke, and also discuses what to do with patients with a stroke.  Rehabilitation will be covered in another episode. There is a new segment this week…  The good news of the week.  

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Spinal Cord Stimulation with HF10

HF10® is a next-generation spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system offering a wide range of benefits: HF10 has demonstrated significant relief for both back and leg pain.¹ HF10 can be left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because it calms the nerves while allowing you to feel everything you should. HF10 isn’t addictive [...] Read More

COVID-19 Update, Vaccines, Treatments, and Case Rate-Episode 23

Dr. Ramchandani discusses COVID-19 and the Vaccines in trial, and the differences between the vaccines.  He also discusses the different FDA approved treatments and the current case rates including why the number of deaths is more accurate than the current number of cases.  What is our true death rate?  Do we know? Listen to the [...] Read More

Napa County Partnership Brings Testing to the Vineyard

Local Healthcare Entrepreneur, Winery, Napa Valley Vintners and Advocates Join Forces to Bring Testing to Farmworkers NAPA, Calif., August 11, 2020 ( – Community leader Lydia Mondavi, local physician and founder of Neurovations, Dr. Eric Grigsby, and the Napa Valley Vintners have collectively formed a partnership to bring COVID-19 testing to wineries, essential workers, farmworkers and hospitality workers throughout the Napa Valley. [...] Read More

N3 Laboratories is proud to offer Serology (Antibody) testing for COVID-19

Learn More What is a Serology test? This type of test detects antibodies that show whether you have already recovered from a prior COVID-19 infection—even if you never had symptoms or felt sick. Who should get a Serology test? Antibody testing is available only to patients who are not currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have [...] Read More

Psoriasis, Psoriatric Arthritis, and Biologics-Episode 22

Join Dr. Ramchandani of the Physiatry Podcast as he talks about Psorasis and Psoriatric Arthritis including treatments of Psoriasis and biologics.  New data has been released about COVID-19 treatments with a new biologic. Listen to the Physiatry podcast 22 Read More

The 27th Napa Pain Conference Online

Enjoy Complimentary Registration and CME August 15, 2020 Since its establishment in 1990 by Dr. Eric J. Grigsby, the Napa Pain Conference has set the bar for quality education, breaking research, and networking. This is your opportunity to connect with the leaders in pain management. With a world-class Program Committee, unrivaled keynote speakers, and dynamic presentations, […]

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The Physiatry Podcast 20- Rheumatoid Arthritis

The disease and the myths Listen to the Podcast Listen to a brief discussion on Rheumatoid Arthritis and the myths behind it.  Dr. Ramchandani discusses that this is a systemic disease and doesn’t just affect the joints as thought in popular culture. (Edit)

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